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Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental 

About Us 

Founded in 2005, Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental is a premium rental service company that offers a comprehensive portfolio of bespoke furniture. From luxurious sofas to exquisite decors, our name is synonymous with opulence and class. 

Located in JLT, we are a team of 30 professionals. At Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rentals, we are committed to delivering the best. From hiring a passionate team to continue expanding our inventory, we always strive for perfection. 

Through the years, we have been lucky to work with esteemed clients from across the UAE. Today, our clientele has expanded from private companies to large MNCs. With every project, we have surpassed client expectations and will continue to leave our marks everywhere we go!

imad ghreiwati
imad ghreiwati



  • Seating 
  • Tables 
  • Stools 
  • Décor 
  • Cushion 
  • Essentials 
  • Equipment and Fixtures 



  • Battersea 
  • Belmont 
  • Bond 
  • Brompton 
  • Farringdon 
  • Kensington 
  • Kew 
  • Mayfair 
  • Nottingham 
  • Paddington 
  • Provence 
  • Richmond 
imad ghreiwati
imad ghreiwati



  • Living 
  • Dining 
  • Bedroom 
  • Home Office 
  • Outdoor



  • Home Collection 
  • Office Collection 
  • Outdoor Collection 
  • Wedding Collection 
  • Events/Parties Collection 
  • Corporate Event Collection

imad ghreiwati


Do Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental retail furniture?

We do not retail furniture; however, we can customize furniture to suit your requirements. 

Do Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental deliver outside Dubai?

Yes, of course, we do! We deliver across all emirates in the UAE. 

Do Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental offer event styling?

Unfortunately, we do not. But we can happily connect you to our regular stylists if you are interested.

What is Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 48 hours of delivery will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Can I visit the Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rental store ?

We would love to have you! You can visit our office in JLT to see the furniture in person! Book an appointment with us along with your requirements so that we can prepare in advance. 

How and when should I make the payment?

We request our customers to pay 50% advance payment unless there are special considerations. We prefer bank transfer or cash deposit at the nearest RAK branch. 



“Great professionals who are willing to help you throughout. I had a wonderful experience with Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rentals. I highly recommend them. “

Osama hamed

“Absolutely stunning furniture, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. I hired them for a private party, and I wasn’t disappointed. The entire team was polite and patient, and customized décor to my requirements. “

Julie Ann

“I had a great experience with Imad Ghreiwati Furniture Rentals. The entire process of booking and viewing the furniture in person was easy. The team assisted me with my questions and was so helpful. Thanks again! “

Parwesh Ashraf